Comptoir des Cotonniers

Since its creation back in 1995, Comptoir des Cotonniers has been designing collections that combine modernity with timeless chic, creative flair with fashion trends. Comptoir aims to offer all free and open-minded women —across generations— an accessible and contemporary interpretation of fashion.

In Europe, as well as in Asia and in the United States, customers acclaim Comptoir des Cotonniers as the expression of the French elegance.

The name Comptoir is symbolic of exchange, proximity and complicity with customers. Hence the cosy, warm, intimate and luminous atmosphere of the Comptoir boutiques, with genuine, authentic materials such as wood, white walls and counters, bathed in a welcoming lighting. Values of naturalness and proximity also imply a genuine and sincere brand commitment to causes that are dear to its heart, such as respect for all humans and for the environment.

Everyone has their own personality, everyone has their own style.