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Partnerships First

We are a real estate advisory team focused on developing and executing real estate strategies for emerging retail brands on a national basis while adhering to the primary business fundaments — integrity & commitment


With over 35 years of commercial real estate and hands-on retail owner/operator experience, our partnership is backed by long-standing client relationships with an impeccable track record.

Goal Driven

We know that with growth comes complexity. In order to expand your business, it needs your total focus and commitment. That’s why every aspect of what we do is centered around one goal — providing retailers with answers to their most essential growth questions with data, technology, analytics, and custom-tailored service solutions.

Built for Growth

Personalized Dashboards

Access to all aspects of the deal process in real-time, available to your convenience 24/7.

Real-Time Customer insights

We geofence your existing stores to identify the psychographics of your core customer. Then use that data to identify areas of opportunity.

Singular Point of Contact

Our team serves as your singular point of contact throughout the entire process.

Real-Time Analytics

Using data from your existing stores, we help take the guesswork out of determining what’s driving your business. Our platform enables you to understand your core customer, locate opportunities faster, and identify which competitors impact your market share, allowing you to make decisions confidently.  

Retail Specific Solutions

Forecast Demand
Optimize Your Search, Minimize Cannabilization
Understand trends by day part
Powerful technology, with 600 data sets, all in one place

The Process

Site Selection
Site Assessments
Submit Proposals
Finalize Lease

The Team

Cory Zelnik

Founder & CEO
Stephanie Molloy

Stephanie Molloy

Director of Marketing

Kyle Inserra

Director of National Advisory

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