5th Avenue Chocolatiere

5th Avenue Chocolatiere is a 37-year-old family-owned business. We sell the finest pure 100% Belgian chocolate in the world. Just as we have done since 1973, we handcraft our all-natural chocolates using the highest-quality ingredients each morning and sell them that same day in our New York City and Long Island stores. Our premium chocolates are also available in more than 30 retail kiosks in Japan and are served to guests in luxury hotels worldwide and to passengers in Business Class on Japan Airlines.

We create chocolates for year-round gift-giving in addition to traditional holidays. Our innovative products and packaging come in more than 10,000 molds, the largest selection of chocolate molds in the country.

Moreover we’re a service business. Our customers expect the best service as well as the best chocolate. And we accommodate their expectations. Above all else, our competitive strength comes from our unique entrepreneurial spirit and our organization operates on a great deal of integrity. Exceptional value is the cornerstone of our existence.