Retail Store Leasing Broker Zelnik Leads Panda Express Expansion with New Location in Bronx NY

Retail Store Leasing Broker Zelnik & Co Leads Panda Express Expansion with New Location in Bronx NY

Overview of the Retail Store Lease

Panda Express, a leader in fast casual dining, is expanding its presence in New York City with a new location at 2192 White Plains Road in the Bronx.

The strategic site selection and lease negotiation were expertly managed by Zelnik & Company, a prominent NYC retail leasing brokerage firm.

This new store is part of Panda Express’s broader strategy to increase its footprint in key urban markets, aiming to cater to a diverse customer base in the bustling New York metro area.

Key Details of the Retail Store Lease: Pelham Gardens, Bronx NY

  • Address: 2192 White Plains Rd, Bronx, NY
  • Size: 2,500 square feet Ground Floor and 2,500 square feet of  Basement Space
  • Project: Panda New York City Expansion
    • Identify site
    • Negotiate lease
    • Open store
  • Location: Between Pelham Parkway and Lydig Ave in Pelham Park Area
  • Tenant Broker: Zelnik & Company LLC
    • Jason Turner
    • Cory Zelnik
Overview of the Bronx Panda Express Store Lease
Store Opening


Contact Information: Phone: (212) 223-2200

Project Goals: The primary objectives for this project included identifying a suitable site, negotiating a favorable lease, and successfully opening the store to strengthen Panda Express’s market presence in New York City.

Summary of Cory Zelnik and Zelnik & Company – NYC Retail Store Leasing Broker

Cory Zelnik, along with his team at Zelnik & Company, played a pivotal role in the expansion of Panda Express into the Bronx. As the tenant broker, Zelnik demonstrated exceptional skill in navigating the complexities of New York’s real estate market.

Zelnik & Company’s Contribution:

Experience: With 35 years of experience in the New York real estate sector, Zelnik & Company has a profound understanding of the market dynamics and an established network that facilitates successful lease negotiations.

Services Offered: Zelnik & Co. offers a comprehensive array of services including tenant representation, landlord representation, market analysis, site selection, and lease negotiation, making them a versatile partner for any retail expansion.

Track Record: Over the years, Zelnik & Company has managed several million square feet of leases, representing both tenants and landlords, which underscores their capability and reputation in the commercial real estate industry.

For further inquiries or to discuss potential retail leasing opportunities, Cory Zelnik and Zelnik & Company can be reached at (212) 223-2200 or via email at As Panda Express opens its doors at this new Bronx location, both the community and the company look forward to experiencing the benefits of this expansion, curated by one of New York’s leading real estate firms.


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