Is a community-based, family-owned company that hand-crafts pure ingredients into extraordinary skin care products.

Olivier New York is the subsidiary of Sorelli that will operate as the storefront for Olivier, the award winning and handcrafted olive oil-based skincare product line from Canada. This retail operation will also be supported and fueled by the current distribution/wholesale operation and the eCommerce store Sorelli has been running for over a year under the exclusive U.S. rights from Olivier to be the sole distributor of this environmentally safe and natural skincare product line. The U.S. retail stores will be in NYC, reaching out to tourists, city customers, business customers and others from the surrounding suburbs. The wide range of products includes hand made soaps, shampoos, lotions, and fragrances that reaches out to men, women, and children.

Currently, there are 10 Olivier stores in Canada as well as 1 in the United Kingdom. Olivier Canada is ever-evolving and developing new products to stay ahead of market trends and be number one in its classification of natural products. The symbiotic relationship between Olivier and Sorelli will similarly allow growth and expansion in its market reach by distributing this wholly organic product line in additional locations to its store front such as retail stores, salons, and boutiques across the country, as well as adding new products to its mix. An e-commerce website will further the Company’s reach in the growing market for natural skincare and beauty products.