We believe everyone deserves to eat well, even on a budget. So we're democratizing the farm-to-table movement by offering ridiculously good food at a reasonable price.

That means sourcing local, seasonal ingredients – not just because they are ‘local’ - but because fresh, healthy ingredients taste best. That means you'll find grills, flames, and all the other good stuff people use to cook real food behind our counters. If there's a steak on your salad, we're grilling it ourselves, on the spot.

We're here to change the way people eat. And thanks to you, things are off to a great start.

Kyle Farley is the exclusive broker for DIG INN in Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey.

Client Requirements: 
• Approximately 1,500-2,500sf on street level, vented.
• Contiguous basement or mezzanine for back of house/storage space
• Minimum frontage/interior width of 20’ with an ideal width of 25’ or more
• HVAC: 15-20 tons